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Adria Kitchens, MBA, MAFM is Executive Director of One Small Change.  She is a Feminine Power certified Coach, Facilitator, and Transformational Leadership specialist supporting the development and growth of  non-profit organizations.  Ms. Kitchens has over 10 years’ experience in supporting nonprofit business development.  As a mission driven entrepreneur, she understands intimately the drive of evolutionary business leaders. 

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Dietra D. Hawkins, Psy.D., Board Chair and Founder, is a licensed Clinical Psychologist who works nationally and internationally with state and local government organizations, public and private K-12 schools and behavioral health agencies as the owner and lead consultant with Both And Partners, Inc. She is a published author and frequent speaker for workshops addressing Appreciative approaches toward system change; Recovery Oriented Systems of Care, Asset Based Community Development and Inclusion, and the Healing of Racism.

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Toni Ethridge, Board Director, is a community leader with over 25 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations inspiring stakeholders in the development of sustainable initiatives supporting individuals in long term recovery.  Toni has a track record of initiating, building and sustaining relationships including the training, planning and execution of volunteer engagement in local communities.  Toni’s experience includes advocacy at the local and state level promoting a vision of recovery and enhancing the quality of supports available for individuals seeking and experiencing long term recovery.  


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