Welcome to our resource page.  Here you will find some of our favorite videos, talks, lectures on inspiring change and understanding structural racism.  We recognize that this is just a beginning and that this is a journey.  We look forward to sharing this journey with you! 


I’m a Black Feminist. I Think Call-Out Culture Is Toxic.

Dr. Dietra Hawkins’ Cultural Agility

Robin DiAngelo “White Fragility

Racial Equity Tools

Should white people care about the whitewashing of black history? Most people will likely answer yes to this question, if only because it sounds politically correct to do so. What will hopefully become clear is that whites have as much to lose by whitewashing black history as their African American peers.
WSRE's Food For Thought featuring What Every Church Member Should Know About Poverty by Dr. Ruby Payne.
Dr. Dietra Hawkins shares the history of the Chicago Dinners and why we use this model to create a safe space for people to have difficult conversations.
In an engaging and personal talk -- with cameo appearances from his grandmother and Rosa Parks -- human rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson shares some hard truths about America's justice system, starting with a massive imbalance along racial lines: a third of the country's black male population has been incarcerated at some point in their lives.
Why does race matter so profoundly for health? David R. Williams developed a scale to measure the impact of discrimination on well-being, going beyond traditional measures like income and education to reveal how factors like implicit bias, residential segregation and negative stereotypes create and sustain inequality.
Over the last year, Priya Vulchi and Winona Guo traveled to all 50 US states, collecting personal stories about race and intersectionality. Now they're on a mission to equip every American with the tools to understand, navigate and improve a world structured by racial division.