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It's Both And...Not Either Or

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Intentional Holistic Opportunities to Promote Empowerment

Both And Partners, Inc.

Both And Partners, Inc consultant's work nationally and internationally supporting individuals, organizations, large systems and policy makers.  We work to enhance an organizations, agencies, or persons impact and effectiveness.


iHOPE Inc.

iHOPE's purpose is to help liberate recovery champions and leaders in the rural areas of Middle Georgia by enhancing the quality of recovery services and resources. We utilize a lived experienced approach and recovery coaching skills, to heighten the attraction to recovery by reducing the internal and external stigmas, while lifting up ALL RECOVERY.

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Recovery. Restoration. Inspiration. Support. Empowerment.

R2ISE Inc.

The mission of R2ISE Inc. is to create a safe place for those in recovery and their allies to maintain wellness through the arts.

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People Living in Recovery

People Living in Recovery

We are a peer lead community organization dedicated to coming together to share our stories of hope in addiction recovery.